Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Robb White - RIP

I was sorry to read of Robb White's passing in the USA recently - May 2006.

I only knew of him through articles in WB magazine but I enjoyed his common sense approach and pragmatism.

He shared freely some unique ideas and approaches to building small wooden skiffs and dinghies.

The latest (last?) article on a modified Rescue Minor (below) was a beauty.

Zane Grey - 35' Collings & Bell

A lot of history here! Collings and Bell, built in approx 1926 for Zane Grey's fishing party.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of keeping these fine ships in their original state or not, the new wheelhouse, higher foredeck and altered sheer (they aren't original) make for sympathetic and classy additions.

It might have been a Captain Williams who drafted the changes. He was then harbourmaster at Whangarei and he owned the boat for a short while.

In my opinion the side profile is perfect.

The builder who did the modifications is unknown.

Lovely... Last seen in Opua January 2011