Friday, February 27, 2009

Fleet addition - Platu 25

The new boats arrived in late 2008 and are now competing regularly at RAYC and elsewhere around Auckland. After a few sails it's apparent they're a tweaky machine with plenty for the crew to think about.

Ours is the 06, BoatSpray

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Fred said...

Yeah, not a real Sportsboat but fun to sail.
Hike, hike hike harder for the crew. I never liked the low spipole but than, I never worked the foredeck.

Here in Germany the competitive boats are manned with shit loads of former 470 sailors who had not made it to the Olympics. No matter how hard they tried...Nothing bad with this.

I still prefer my Bull 7000 which also takes me to the Danish Islands for a cruising weekend. Singlehanded or doublehanded.